Architecture of Mars

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 17.10.24.png
Photo credit: Johnson, S. 2017. Available at: [Accessed 08/08/18].
Humans have been looking up at the stars for over 200,000 years. Increasing concerns about our effect on the Earth, the exponential consumption of our natural resources furthermore, the fact that there is a maximum life expectancy for our planet; it’s only natural for us to consider the possibilities of colonising a new planet. As for where… we may search for a ‘Goldilocks Planet‘ or maybe try out Mars. This new wave of engineering capabilities along with a completely new hostile environment deserves a new age of human architecture. Click here for my Mars design, which can also be found in the portfolio section of my website.

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Reflecting on Life | 1st Year Architecture Student


Architecture is hard

Your creativity, work ethic and time-management is constantly challenged with every new project and most of the time you have a minimum of 5 tasks to do at any one time. This mental assault course has drained my motivation at times but to the people who make it past this first year and met those dead-lines (thankfully including myself) you’re a better person for it.

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How to Stay Positive | Dealing with Jealousy

Everyone has felt and/or been subject to some form of jealousy in their lives whether it’s of someone’s abilities, personality traits or material items etc…  If you’re feeling jealous of someone else’s success work towards your own with a positive mind-set and your self-esteem will go through the roof.

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Why am I Starting to Blog?



As I’m sat here basking in 20 degree heat on a lazy Saturday morning I’ve come to the conclusion that everyday life can be hectic. When you’ve got University deadlines, family events and you still haven’t bought any food for the week I find it can be easy to get overwhelmed. That being said being productive is great and all but sometimes you need a bit of stress relief. Since my bank account can only afford so much retail therapy each month and personally I find meditation only relaxes me just before sleep I’m hoping blogging can be a stress relieving outlet, a space to vent and hopefully help you guys in the process.

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