How to create a Site Collage

site collage photos 3 black white shadow

There is a fairly straightforward process to the start of any architecture project whether that’s at university or in the workplace. That process begins with a site analysis.

The site analysis whilst informative usually involves an inordinate amount of walking, plenty of battery degradation using the maps on your phone to find it followed by taking excessive amounts of photos, none of which you know what to do with. A simple yet efficient use of all your site photos is to combine them into a simple collage which shows the character of the site.

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‘THE EYES OF THE SKIN’ | Book Review

essay front page finished
Self-made collage including Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Rome, 1508-1512, fresco (Italian Renaissance, 2012)


The Eyes of the Skinmight be considered the manifesto of Juhani Pallasmaa. It forms the foundation for which his further books and explorative thought are based upon. It is from this perspective that this review aims to consider his background, the events and influences leading up to the text, the text itself, his later work and the effects of the book on the architectural community. Furthermore, I intend to analyse his language, sources and his point of view regarding issues of phenomological and biological architecture. His current stance is aligned with Edward O. Wilson’s concept of Biophilia that “nature and natural systems as the source and destiny of human culture” (Pallasmaa, 2012).

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How to Level Up This Summer

Admiring my favourite piece from a visit to the Manchester Art Degree Show 2019


Levelling up can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin but the following tips should give you a good place to start. It’s important to be realistic as to where you are now and where you see yourself going. Step 1 is trying to figure out what changes you need to make to get there.

You know what works to get you motivated, even if you don’t, you know what doesn’t work so eliminate that and try whatever is left


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Are They Worth It? | ProMarker Review

Why I bought Windsor and Newton ProMarkers

I wanted to elevate my architectural drawings. I found that using other media such as paints and pencils didn’t render surfaces in an almost perfect digital way. After researching other common types Marker pens such as ‘Copic’ (expensive) and lesser known brands I decided on ProMarkers. Windsor and Newton the company that manufactures the markers have created such a wide selection with plenty of colours that I could apply to my architectural drawings, not to mention it’s a well known brand for art supplies.


The difference between ProMarkers and BrushMarkers

Both ProMarkers and BrushMarkers are from Windsor and Newton and are nearly identical except for one difference. Instead of the felt tip nip, BrushMarkers have a nib more similar to a paintbrush letting you blend colours together better. Although I have a mixture of both most of my greys and blues are the more blendable BrushMarkers to create more realistic sky, water, pavements and facades.


Ratings out of /10

Variety of Colours: 10/10 With more than 140 colours I haven’t needed a colour that they don’t sell

Price: 8/10 Although cheaper than Copics, it’s best to buy these when they’re on sale and build your collection

Quality of Colour: 9/10 Brilliant colour quality however if you’re covering a large area you’ll need to go over a few times


“If you’re any kind of design student or just want to draw with well pigmented colours then it is 100% worth buying these Markers”


My Summer in an Architectural Practice

Showing off that homemade scrunchie, Blazer: Miss Selfridge

I think it’s fair to say that this summer has been the biggest learning curve I’ve ever had. I mean I’ve had jobs before… I was a waitress at a couple of different places and I’ve helped out at my step mum’s business over summer but when you get your first job in the career you’re passionate about its a whole different ball game.

Architecture is a hard field to get a job in when you haven’t finished Part I (first three years), a lot of small companies don’t have the capacity to take on someone who doesn’t 100% know what they’re doing all the time and the large companies such as ARUP are only interested once you’ve passed Part I, I learnt this the hard way when after I finished my foundation year I contacted easily upwards of over 50 companies around the Manchester area only to receive a few replies where I was politely informed they wanted more experience. Looking back now I know it was naive to try and get a job so early but the process taught me a lot.

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Living a More Productive Life

Photo of an exhibit at the Tatton Park Flower Show 2018

“Your mind is a temple”; not a phrase to be taken lightly.  Only you know what drives you to get up before the sun has risen or make the effort to look presentable for work, University or both. Personally, I’m always trying to improve. Whether thats working on household jobs, reading a book or learning a new language. I find that taking small steps everyday means that by next month I’ll be an improved person.

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