Tips for Writing your Architecture Dissertation

I completed my first year of Masters at the Manchester School of Architecture this year, one of the modules of which was a dissertation. To say I was apprehensive would be an understatement. These are the techniques I used which ultimately resulted in a 1st and the G.E. Greenaway Prize for Outstanding March Dissertation. I hope these practical tips will help you to get started.

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Alternative Ways to Represent People in your Renders/ Drawings

Architectural students or industry professionals are often tasked with ‘selling’ their vision, their ideas. An important part of that is to transport the client into the visual material we produce, to surround them with an intentional atmosphere often occupied by people.

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Why We Need Increased Diversity in Architectural Drawings

I believe that architectural renderings should reflect the rich cultural diversity present in communities.

In Minneapolis, America, on 25th May 2020 George Floyd was murdered by a Police Officer who knelt on his neck despite George’s protests that he couldn’t breathe. The outrage at another act of police brutality has and continues to be felt globally. It is not enough to not be racist but we need to be actively antiracist, which brings me to why we need increased diversity in architectural drawings.

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How to create a Site Collage

site collage photos 3 black white shadow

There is a fairly straightforward process to the start of any architecture project whether that’s at university or in the workplace. That process begins with a site analysis.

The site analysis whilst informative usually involves an inordinate amount of walking, plenty of battery degradation using the maps on your phone to find it followed by taking excessive amounts of photos, none of which you know what to do with. A simple yet efficient use of all your site photos is to combine them into a simple collage which shows the character of the site.

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