How to Stay Positive | Dealing with Jealousy

Everyone has felt and/or been subject to some form of jealousy in their lives whether it’s of someone’s abilities, personality traits or material items etc…  If you’re feeling jealous of someone else’s success work towards your own with a positive mind-set and your self-esteem will go through the roof.

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1. Identifying Jealousy

So you’ve worked super hard for something and its paid off, you should feel elated… right? But instead you’re filled with worry because if that green-eyed monster finds out you’re bound to be either outright insulted, talked about behind your back or hit with a back-handed compliment. Chances are you’re dealing with jealousy. I’ve personally experienced this and sure it hurts if someone has what seems like an unprovoked vendetta but keeping a positive mind-set is key.


Jealousy usually comes from a place of low self esteem or feelings of inadequacy


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2. Don’t Play the Blame Game

Whilst it may be easier to play the blame game it’s important to realise that it’s nobody’s fault. Jealousy usually comes from a place of low self-esteem or feelings of inadequacy so if someone says “why do you put so much effort into your outfit” what they’re sub-conciously thinking is ‘why don’t I put so much effort into my outfit’. Think in depth about what that person has gone through in their past or the in their current situation and more often than not you’ll be able to identify why they’re experiencing these feelings towards you or another. Identifying this will allow you to practice thoughtfulness when around them without worrying about your outfit.

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3. Create a Positive Bubble

Surround yourself with caring friends and family who support you and want you to succeed, they make up your positive bubble. Distancing yourself from negativity (not to be confused with constructive criticism) physically and on social media, blocking is great, will mean you don’t have to deal with their opinions.

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4. “You Do You” – Sarah Knight (recommended read)

If you love your outfit which others feel the need the critique, or know you worked hard to deserve something then walk a little taller. Positivity leads to you having confidence in yourself and that is the ultimate way to silence those green-eyed monsters.

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