Why am I Starting to Blog?



As I’m sat here basking in 20 degree heat on a lazy Saturday morning I’ve come to the conclusion that everyday life can be hectic. When you’ve got University deadlines, family events and you still haven’t bought any food for the week I find it can be easy to get overwhelmed. That being said being productive is great and all but sometimes you need a bit of stress relief. Since my bank account can only afford so much retail therapy each month and personally I find meditation only relaxes me just before sleep I’m hoping blogging can be a stress relieving outlet, a space to vent and hopefully help you guys in the process.

Bruges, Belgium

“In truth there’s only one similarity between architects and that’s creativity”


There are a number of great lifestyle blogs out there, some that I’ve followed for years but there seems to be a gap where architecture students are involved and I want to change that. I want to help change the stereotype that many people hold that architects are male, older and will either design you a box out of concrete or a skyscraper. In truth, theres only one similarity between architects and that’s creativity.


Future Thinking

I don’t know whether this is an architect thing or a Jemma thing but almost everything I do whether its hobbies or simply eating well I like to think ahead and if it doesn’t benefit me or someone I care about now or in the future then in my opinion there is not much point to doing it. This website I initially planned to use it as just a portfolio space for future potential employers however, due to the reasons above I think it’d benefit me to run this blog as well.


Baby Steps

No one (unless they’re extremely lucky) has got to their end goal without making some baby steps first, sometimes you fall but if you pick yourself up and keep trying eventually you’ll learn to walk- cheesy I know but true.  I’m trying to think of this space as a baby step towards my end goal.


Releasing Content

Since my blog is in it’s infant stages I hope you’ll bear with me until I can figure out how much I can release per week. I’m aiming for a minimum of one post a week, most likely on a Tuesday. If you want a notification when I post you can click the ‘follow blog’ button below.



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