Vector Illustration

I’ve been there… its late, you’re tired, you have an impending deadline and you’re scrolling through endless poor quality vector images. This collection created by me provides diverse and high-quality vector pngs, for your architecture drawings and the best part is, they are completely free. There are themed vector sets for sale at the end of this page plus a discount code for anyone wishing to purchase.

As I have put my time into this I politely ask that if you intend to re-post any of the below images please reference this page.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for then feel free to check out my Etsy Shop here or by clicking the title of a pack below. All of the following packs are available in a choice of 4 colour palettes: brights, pastels, neutrals and monochrome.

Collection No.1 – Office

Collection No.2 – Non-Specific

Collection No.3 – Children

“I created these vector collections because I found there was a lack of diversity, quality and colour palettes in the existing market. As design professionals it’s important to represent a wide range of people to show that architecture is inclusive not exclusive. My idea of using colour palettes is to enable people to not have to spend time merging a couple of different vector sets to create the range of people needed.”

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