Are They Worth It? | ProMarker Review

Why I bought Windsor and Newton ProMarkers

I wanted to elevate my architectural drawings. I found that using other media such as paints and pencils didn’t render surfaces in an almost perfect digital way. After researching other common types Marker pens such as ‘Copic’ (expensive) and lesser known brands I decided on ProMarkers. Windsor and Newton the company that manufactures the markers have created such a wide selection with plenty of colours that I could apply to my architectural drawings, not to mention it’s a well known brand for art supplies.


The difference between ProMarkers and BrushMarkers

Both ProMarkers and BrushMarkers are from Windsor and Newton and are nearly identical except for one difference. Instead of the felt tip nip, BrushMarkers have a nib more similar to a paintbrush letting you blend colours together better. Although I have a mixture of both most of my greys and blues are the more blendable BrushMarkers to create more realistic sky, water, pavements and facades.


Ratings out of /10

Variety of Colours: 10/10 With more than 140 colours I haven’t needed a colour that they don’t sell

Price: 8/10 Although cheaper than Copics, it’s best to buy these when they’re on sale and build your collection

Quality of Colour: 9/10 Brilliant colour quality however if you’re covering a large area you’ll need to go over a few times


“If you’re any kind of design student or just want to draw with well pigmented colours then it is 100% worth buying these Markers”


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