Coping with Quarantine as a Student


I’m in my final year as a Part 1 Architecture Student and on Thursday 19th March I was told to collect anything I may need or want from the studio because it was likely we may not be returning. The following Monday I was¬†furloughed from my part time Architectural Assistant role.

These are unprecedented times, very few people in the past couple of generations have experienced a pandemic. The closest being the Spanish Flu which although it killed more people that both world wars combined not much is known about.

At first I had mixed feelings about the lockdown, on one hand there was more time to study which although I always manage to balance work and uni would be easier now. However, being furloughed whilst still technically employed feels as though you’ve been made redundant. The first week or so was a write off. Having 2/3rds of your life significantly altered wasn’t easy and I spent pretty much all free time sleeping, baking or binge-watching Ugly Betty (Amazon Prime for those who are interested).

Life before the lockdown was structured. I had to be up early for work and to make my lectures, I had to meal prep my food to have enough time, I was running from place to place and struggling to breath in-between.

After a week or two of being in a slump I began to shift my mindset. Maybe lockdown could be an opportunity? I had wanted to try juicing for a while so it became an opportunity to buy a juicer and try it without being worried about the lack of energy. It became an opportunity to be more active, go for more runs and walks which I struggled to fit in before. I invested in Alpha H to work on my skincare routine. I even picked up some books which I never got around to finishing.

A pandemic is by no means a positive experience however, subtle shifts in our mindset will help us all to cope a little better. Try avoiding social media for the day, turning the news off, and developing healthy habits that will help you to lead a happier life when all of this is over

Please feel free to share your quarantine stories below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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